TRX Instructor Summit 2013 Day 1

I just returned from San Diego, CA where I attended the TRX Instructor Summit with 45 of the best fitness educators in the world. I’m pumped up and inspired by my friends and associates at TRX and am proud to be a part of a company that offers the best personal trainer education courses in the world.

I’m going to do a series of posts about this amazing event. Here are my thoughts from day 1.

TRX Instructors 2013

Dave Mullins / Master TRX Trainer teaches The Level 2 Course to the NCO Academy Instructors May 8th, 2013

The 4-day event kicked off with a keynote address from TRX Senior Manager of ARMY Programs, Ken Taylor. Ken is a 20 year veteran of the Navy SEAL Teams and shared his passion for helping soldiers develop the functiona...

Fitness Business Marketing Funnel

Using a funnel to maximize your fitness business marketing is a simple system that anyone can (and should!) implement a successful marketing plan. Offering multiple products at different price points will create a magic system to funnel new clients, customers and raving fans into your fitness business.

A successful fitness business marketing funnel will deliver new prospects to your business that are ready to buy. With this system, you can eliminate awkward “sales” pitches and start pre-selling your prospects before you actually meet them.

Fitness Business Marketing Funnel 101

Step 1: Build your email list by offering a free product that will solve a problem for your perfect clients and customers.

The most important part of my fi...

4 New Ways to Master Fitness Business Marketing

Fitness business marketing strategies and how to increase profits in the fitness industry are two of the top business-related hot buttons in the industry today. The fitness business is a service-based business and 100% relationship based. Whether you offer consulting services, personal training, memberships (online or offline) or sell health and fitness related products, you are in the business of problem-solving. A lot of fitness professionals I meet are confused by online marketing and how to bridge the gap between meeting people online and creating a personal relationship with them which will ultimately bring new customers to the business.

Here are 4 new ways to master fitness business marketing online and reach an entirely new audienc...