4 Day Nutrition Challenges for Your Personal Training Clients and Group Fitness Classes
By Jennifer Degala

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4 Day Challenges for Fit Pros from Anne Parker on Vimeo.

This one simple done-for-you system can add $500 – $1000 per month to your fitness business, without taking on more clients!

There are numerous reasons why it’s better to maintain long-term client relationships rather than have to keep starting from scratch. Repeat clients reduce your marketing costs, improve your reputation and keep things steady in your business. According to IDEA Health and Fitness Association, the top two reasons why your clients will stay with you long term is relationships and results.

One way to significantly increase your clients results is to help them learn how to create delicious and healthy meals that they enjoy. Your personal training clients are looking for an easy meal solution that will help them reach their fitness goals and now you can provide it!


I’ve created simple systems to introduce my clients to clean eating and I’m blown away by the results. The average weight loss in my short nutrition challenges is 3.7 pounds in 5 days. It’s amazing what can happen when you introduce your clients to easy to prepare meals that are family friendly. My systems also include a super clean vegan greens drink that has probiotics, digestive enzymes, protein and is the nutritional equivalent to 5 salads. It will be so easy for your clients to have success with this program!

The combination of short nutrition challenges and an easy to prepare, super nutritious greens drink has been a game changer for my business. My clients are very happy with their long term results, and I’ve added an additional $500 – $1,000 per month in pure profit.

My done-for-you programs will simplify clean eating for your clients while increasing profits for your fitness business. What would you do with an additional $10,000 per year in profit?

I offer an extensive training program, fitness business “think tank” sessions, weekly coaching calls, marketing plans, social media training and mentorship for fitness entrepreneurs who join my fit pro coaching program.


You need to experience the challenge before you share with your clients!

Join the 4 Day Challenge for Fit Pros and receive the participant kit so you can try it for yourself

  • The 4 Day Nutrition Challenge Participant Kit (all of the instructions to prepare for the challenge, instructions to join the accountability group and more)
  • The 4 Day Challenge Meal Plans + Workouts (recipe e-books, 4 day meal plans, tips and workout videos)
  • (4) Packets of Shakeology – an all natural, greens drink as a one per day meal replacement choose from Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla or Greenberry (combo packs available)
  • Daily online training and accountability with Anne Parker

2014 Schedule:

December 27th – 30th

January 1st – 4th

$26 per person

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