7 reasons why entrepreneurs need to make fitness a priority
By Jennifer Degala

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What good is having powerful goals if you don’t have the energy to carry them out? Entrepreneurs are busy people, and so many businesspeople are missing one key component to true success …. fitness.

Health is your only true wealth. Without it, you have nothing. Think of all of the people in your life who are missing this crucial component to success. Are you focusing on your health and fitness?

I interview successful entrepreneurs(ok … they are my clients, so it’s pretty easy to pick their brains during a sweaty workout session) and the most successful business people I know always focus on fitness by completing their workout first thing in the morning.

Fitness for entrepreneurs: The 7 reasons to exercise in the morning that I teach my online personal training clients as well as the organizations I work with:

#1: Work out early, and just get it done. Otherwise, it’s too easy to create excuses not to work out (hungry/tired/stressed out/need to go home to my family/tomorrow will be a better day to do it)

#2. Morning workouts jump start your metabolism and rev’ up your fat burning engine. With a busy schedule you need to maximize every ounce of fat burning power.

#3. Morning workouts will help you make better food choices throughout the day. Starting the day with a good sweat will keep you on track with clean eating all day long. When you feel better, you eat better. Period.

#4. A good morning sweat session will keep your energy and stamina flowing all day long. You’ll eliminate the need for that afternoon Starbucks run, which will decrease calories.

#5.There is a secret to happiness! Morning workouts boost feel good endorphins so you can tackle the day with a PMA. (Positive, Mental, Attitude)

#6: An early morning workout burns off your stress and lets your creativity soar.

#7. The morning workout will help you to think more clearly.

So join me. Please. Get up early and exercise. Simple idea. That just might revolutionize your career as well as your life.

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