Detox Bath
By Jennifer Degala

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Refresh Detox Bath


This is an excellent complement to the 3 Day Refresh, it will help to further flush the toxins from your system. Take a Detox Bath nightly to flush out toxins, relieve sore muscles and relax.

Recipe for a Relaxing Detox Bath

  • Fill bath with hot water
  • Add 1 cup of Epsom salt/1 cup of baking soda/10+ drops of lavender oil
  • Soak for 20 minutes in your relaxing Detox Bath
  • Rinse thoroughly and scrub body with a wash cloth or loofah

Benefits of a Detox Bath

Baking Soda is Calcium Bicarbonate. Calcium and the Magnesium (which is what Epsom Salts are) help each other to get absorbed. They work together and they definitely help detox.
Your body will absorb magnesium (a mineral most people are deficient in, and will uplift your mood) as you soak from the Epsom salts, the baking soda and salts will rejuvenate and exfoliate your skin, and the lavender is an aroma therapeutic way to calm the senses and reduce stress.
Himalayan Salt has a lot of other minerals our bodies are very deficient in too so it’s great to add and optional. You can add a variety of different Essential Oils depending on what result you are looking for.
Make sure you drink plenty of clean water before, during and after. Your body is trying to detox but if it doesn’t have sufficient clean water the debris will re-deposit – Probably in more obvious ways than before. It’s exactly like washing your clothes. If you don’t rinse them well enough, or if you throw in some dirty clothes towards the end of the wash you don’t expect your clothes to come out clean.
Relax, Reflect, Enjoy!
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