Fitness Business Marketing Funnel

Using a funnel to maximize your fitness business marketing is a simple system that anyone can (and should!) implement a successful marketing plan. Offering multiple products at different price points will create a magic system to funnel new clients, customers and raving fans into your fitness business.

A successful fitness business marketing funnel will deliver new prospects to your business that are ready to buy. With this system, you can eliminate awkward “sales” pitches and start pre-selling your prospects before you actually meet them.

Fitness Business Marketing Funnel 101

Step 1: Build your email list by offering a free product that will solve a problem for your perfect clients and customers.

The most important part of my fitness business marketing funnel is the first step in the process. The free informational product you offer to your prospective clients and customers to encourage them to opt-in to your email list so you can start to build a relationship with them. This is one of the smartest fitness marketing strategies you can implement.

I’m sure you have seen free e-books, videos or audios on websites that you visit. You have also probably signed up for one of these products and are now receiving emails and information from the person who created the product. I recommend visiting popular websites and doing some research on the informational product you would like to create. Let the creative process begin and start brainstorming about the types of products you can create.

Fitness Business Marketing Funnel Levels
Step 2: Create an opt-in form for your website using (Aweber, MailChimp or other database management system). After you create your informational product, you can add your opt-in form to your website (or Facebook if you don’t have a website) and you can start watching the leads roll into your business. I’ll be doing a future post on how to maximize your social media connections to build your email list, so stay tuned for that. It will also include my 10 top fitness marketing ideas!

Step 3: Decide which products and programs you are going to offer at different price points to build a successful fitness business marketing funnel. In the video, I explain how I funnel my email followers into a 5 or 10-day fitness and nutrition challenge which costs between $30 – $50. The next step is a higher priced product like classes, group personal training and online personal training for $97 – 150 per month. My third step is higher priced programs (private coaching, personal training or a retreat) for $900 to $1500 per month.

Fitness Business Marketing Major AHA Moment
It has taken me a number of years to understand how to effectively market my fitness business. The most important thing to understand as you are creating your own fitness business marketing funnel is your clients wants and needs. How can you solve a problem for them and help them get healthier and happier?

I never want to sound like a cheesy salesperson and I don’t want to dilute my professionalism and education by creating sales systems to bring new customers and clients into my business. Each piece of content I create, the email I write, the photo I post or silly thing I Tweet is created carefully with love. I have a very strong understanding of why I was placed on this earth, and it’s to help people get healthy.

If I am constantly focusing on creating content with the right intentions, then I never feel like I am compromising my integrity and commitment to the fitness industry. As fitness professionals, we deserve to be compensated for the thousands of dollars and hours we invest into our education and personal development.

Creating a solid fitness business marketing funnel is one of the best ways to serve your perfect clients and reach a larger audience. Ultimately we are trying to change more lives and create an impact in our communities. If you wake up every day and focus on building your business with intention and focus on your personal goals, you are on the fast track to success.