Why I left Team Team Beachbody
By Anne Parker

Why I Left Team Beachbody

Five months ago I decided to walk away from my struggling network marketing business and start fresh with a new company, with a product I believed in. 💪 It was extremely difficult because of the 7 years that I was involved, I was a 3x Elite Coach, which meant that I had established myself as a leader, with an amazing team of fitness coaches. I was judged in a very negative way for making the decision to start fresh.

Negativity validates why I left ... I was tired of being pressured to meet someone elses goals

To this day I still hear the negative comments that come from a small group of my former "team mates". It hurts but I don't let it affect me. 😊 It actually validates why I left. Negativity, and so much pressure from my upline to rank up so she could benefit.

If it's not working for you, find a mentor that inspires you

What I don't understand is why people who are passionate about health and fitness and building a substantial income working from home continue to go in to debt trying to make their "online fitness business" work. If the company is strong and you're actually doing the daily activities to move your business forward, you should be in a place where you're seeing bigger numbers in your weekly commissions.

It was tough to be BRAVE

Making the decision to be BRAVE and experience a better way to build a business and biohack my body to accomplish all of the things I want to accomplish has been incredibly empowering! Today, I have new opportunities every single day!! I'm excited to jump out of bed every morning and I have endless energy. I'm on a mission to help as many women as possible change their health and mindset.

Today ...

My inbox is full of messages and questions from people who want to biohack their bodies and tap into their greatness. It's an exhilarating way to live life. I'm a better person, surrounded by amazing people, and crystal clear on my mission to help more people finally tap into their true potential. If you're curious ... message me. I won't share with anyone, we can just talk. If you're frustrated with your business, mental state, inability to burn fat and or looking for an amazing team of mentors who will lift you up and not let you fail .... send me an email or comment on my Facebook page. I'm here for you!

P. S.

I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who has reached out, sent love, prayed for me and sent good vibes during this transition. I love you all very much ... our prayers have been answered! Thank you!