TRX Tennis Workout

TRX Tennis Workout 

March 21, 2014 | in Workouts | by anneparkerfitg

TRX Tennis Workout for
Performance and Injury Prevention

Take your tennis game to the next level with four TRX Tennis movements that will help you power up your serve and move faster on the court.  The physical demands of tennis can take a toll on your joints if you don’t train to play.  Putting some time into your off-court training program using the TRX will improve your rotational strength, multi-directional running, muscular endurance and power for your serve.  Injury prevention is also an important part of a solid tennis program and all of it can be done easily and efficiently right on the court with the TRX.

Tennis athletes need to focus on exercises to improve hip mobility and strength which will transfer to more powerful serves and better foot speed on the court.  Additionally, core stability is the foundation of a strong serve and improved swing mechanics.  These TRX exercises will help you increase stability and strength on and off the court.

TRX Tennis Workout Movements

TRX Power Serve

Benefits: Improves hip mobility, stability and rotational strength.  Adjust TRX to fully lengthened position and place handles in single handle mode.  Stand facing away from anchor point, and place left foot in the TRX. To begin exercise, place right foot twelve inches to the right of the anchor point (body is in a lunge position), and align left foot (in TRX) directly in front of anchor point.  Bend front leg to a 90-degree angle and keep left leg aligned with anchor point, return to starting point and repeat the exercise for 10 reps. Then repeat the movement on the opposite leg.  This is a multi-directional lunge designed to open up the hip (in the elevated leg) and generate power with the front leg.  Adding resistance with a medicine ball will increase overall intensity and build rotational strength.

TRX Butter Churn 

Benefits: Addresses upper body rotational strength and shoulder stability. Adjust TRX to mid-length position and stand facing to the side of the anchor point.  Begin by aligning hands (with bent elbows) in-front of anchor point, move body away from anchor point by straightening arms, return back to upright standing position with straight arms (arms are moving in a circular motion). Repeat movement for 10 reps and turn body around and repeat the movement on the other side.

TRX Power Plyos 

Benefits: Addresses hip strength, power and foot speed. Adjust TRX to mid-length position and stand facing anchor point with feet together. Begin by stepping back and placing right foot at an angle to the anchor point (similar to a TRX crossing balance lunge lunge), return to starting position and quickly repeating the same motion with the left leg.  Alternate legs for 10 reps and then reverse the motion to a front crossing lunge and repeat for 10 reps.