The HeartMath

Resilience Advantage™ Program

Unlock the power of your heart using cutting edge heart-brain science developed by the HeartMath Institute and delivered by Certified HeartMath Trainer, Anne Parker

The Resilience Advantage™ Program will teach you a science-based skill set, enabling you to retrain your stress response and begin to live from a place of empowerment, resilience and self-security.

For years I struggled with trying to find balance in my life. Then, when I finally found some balance, life would throw me another curveball and with all of the stress my body was dealing with, my health, mindset and waistline suffered. On the outside I looked fine, on the inside I was a mess. 


I was unmotivated to exercise, I was emotional eating and my energy level and mood was poorly affecting my family and friends. Something had to change …


One day a dear friend introduced me to a program that promised weight loss, a way to stop emotional eating (and drinking) and easy tools to manage my day-to-day stress as a single mom and small business owner. 


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I was extremely reluctant to try it because I had tried so many other things in the past. Restrictive diets, hard core workout programs, weight loss apps, gym memberships and meditation. But, I was desperate to change, so I started and committed fully to the process. 


Fast forward two years and I’m incredibly grateful for the tools I learned and use everyday to build my personal resilience so I CAN get my workouts done, I CAN follow a clean eating plan and I CAN maintain my weight loss without giving up the foods I love. I’m living from my heart, listening to my intuition and truly living my best life. 


Now I help other women like me, who are feeling “stuck” in life and need a solution to lose weight, manage their emotions, fuel their bodies in a loving way and become the badass human they know they can be!


My 4 week program will guide you through the tools you can use everyday to help build more inner balance and energy to do what is most important in your life. 


I also offer 1:1 coaching sessions in addition to the group format with the HeartMath program. Private sessions are designed to give you personal accountability and guidance with your mindfulness work, physical fitness workouts and nutrition. 


You’ll also be  joining an incredible community of women just like you. We are all in different stages of our journey, and the friendships and support you’ll receive will inspire you to continually focus on your own personal growth. 

Anne Parker, Certified Heartmath Trainer, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Benefits of the HeartMath Resilience Advantage™ Program 
  • Enhanced ability to focus on personal and professional goals

  • Heightened creativity and innovation in all areas of life

  • Increased ability to handle challenging situations

  • Increased access to intuition for fast, effective decision-making

  • Increased regenerative sleep

  • Increased vitality and resilience

  • Reduced stress, worry and fatigue

The Program Includes: 

  • 4 Week Guided HeartMath Building Personal Resilience Course (August 1st - August 29th, 2022)

  • Resilience Course Guide and Workbook

  • Weekly coaching sessions with Anne on Mondays at 11am pacific (recordings will be available)

  • (1) private coaching session with Anne (to be scheduled after course enrollment is complete)

  • Lifetime access to the course and our community

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